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Our vineyards are in the celebrated AVA of Oakville with gravel and sand soils that allow for sieve-like drainage that keep the vines slightly stressed and searching for water. The resulting plants create small, round, deep purple berries with a minimal amount of water for a very concentrated juice. Our lot is small and faces the west. We have the vines pruned in bilateral cordons with spurs every 4 inches to maintain balance.

It’s all about bringing out that unique Cabernet character, those ripe almost chewy tannins, bold aromatics, and botanical notes that only mature Cabernet vines can give. Malbec and Petite Verdot play a supporting role, bringing the perfect amount of spice and texture to enhance the whole drinking experience. Oakville Cabernets can age for many years but, with the right pairing, you can enjoy them right now.  Caran Marquee is a single Cabernet from a single site.